Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Inspiration in Wal-Mart???

I went to wal-mart this evening before our Chick-lit small group. I was rushing around in there and trying to pick things up for our meeting when i believe the Lord spoke to me (not audably). I asked myself this question: "What if you could share jesus just by the way you push this shopping cart?". This thought imediately changed my attitude. This might sound silly, but i started pushing my cart with purpose and with a smile. I made an effort to make eye contact with the people i was passing (people He died to save). What if i started living every day on purpose? What if i stepped outside of my little world for a few hours each day? What if i could share jesus by the way i drive my car, by the way i discipline my kids, by the way i talk to my husband..??? What if??


tom lowe said...

Wow! That's an awesome thought. I believe you can. I believe YOU DID!

Kristy Mc said...

I try to remind myself of that very thing. Isn't it awesome how God drops something like that into our hearts at the most random times.