Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pre-K is so much fun!

Gibson started pre-k this year and he is doing so well! He is the more intraverted of our two children (he's not real fond of large crowds), so I was alittle worried about how he would do at school. I have been pleasently surprised! He has not cried a single time when ive left in the mornings, and he is loving school! Having a new tattoo to show his friends each day hasnt hurt either..ha! (that's a little motivation tactic we learned very quickly) When he has a new tattoo he's wakes up happy and ready to get out the door to show all his hoping we can get rid of those oh well..whatever works!

Yesterday was Grandparent Snack Day so my dad took him an ice cream sandwich (his favorite) and had snack with him. The pics are from snack day and if you'll look closely in one Mrs. Hammons (Gib's teacher) caught dad in the background eating...ha!

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