Sunday, September 21, 2008

What a great church!

What a great day! I love Christ Church. A more accurate statement would be "I love Christ Church PEOPLE!".

This morning we recruited volunteers for what we are calling a "oil change outreach". On Sat Oct 18 the people of Christ Church will be reaching outside our walls and giving free oil changes to single moms in our community. We had a wonderful response to this outreach today, and it's always so good to see how much this church loves to serve..loves to love! What dad says is really true, we serve God best when we serve people...and i think CC folk really get this. You guys are awesome!

I continue to be pleasently surprised by how much the 11 o'clock service is growing!!!

We did the ole favorite 'Turn your eyes upon jesus' tonight. There's something about those old songs that takes you to a different place in worship (i'm not quite sure what it is..??...but i like it!). I think it might have something to do with not having to "think" while you worship...the words just come out without effort almost it seems. I deffinately love alot of the current worship, but an 'oldie' from time to time is refreshing i think. What are some of your fav old songs?


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