Monday, September 29, 2008

I need a house keeper!!!

Seriously! Our house is a wreck!!! really, a WRECK! dirty laundry is spilling onto the floor in our closet (needs to be washed); clean laundry is spilling on the the floor in our living room (needs to be folded, and now some of it needs to be rewashed..ha!); junk mail, bills, and gibsons notices from school litter the bar and the desk area; the floors desprately need to be swept and mopped; and there are dishes in the sink. See I told you..its bad! And worse than that is we are leaving to go out of town this week and there is no time to clean anywhere in the near future....ugh! I could use one of those robot maids like on the jetsons about now. just dawned on me that none of you (whomever you care to read about my dirty laundry........ sorry, but im posting it anyway..ha!


Moore About Us... said...

Yeah, you have no excuse since you actually have a dryer!! ha!

melissa perkins said...

i could come help you out.. i used to clean houses with my mom for extra money.
just let me know!