Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chick-lit book club

hey ladies!

Welcome! hope you signed up to be involed in this small group on sunday. if you are reading this then you probably did..ha!!

We are a group of christian women who like to read and like to have fun. I hope that through this small group you get the chance to make new friendships and strenghten some old ones.

We will be meeting at Starbucks on Forsythe at 6:30 on the following dates:

Sept. 9
Sept. 30
Oct. 21
Nov. 11
Dec. 2

We are currently reading "she's all that" by kristen billerbeck..pick it up and join us for some layed back fellowship.

hope to see you at Starbucks!



morgan said...

im really excited about this group!! ; )

Lyndsey said...

Morgan, I didn't get to sign up on Sunday, but I wanted to let you know I would be there tonight. Great idea for a group!

morgan buxton said...

oh yay!! see ya tonight!